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What it is

ISOCentral is a new app created just for ISOs and agents that lets you sign merchants, prepare their applications, and get them ready to process transactions in as little as two hours! What can you do in 120 minutes?


ISOCentral allows you to easily complete and digitally submit merchant applications without piles of messy paperwork and receive the MID& TID in as little as two hours!


ISOCentral sends real-time push notifications for all account communications including submission, approvals, and merchant requests. Fast notifications let you address issues faster.


ISOCentral goes beyond just signing accounts; it allows you to manage client accounts in real time and notifies you to any account alerts or even industry news and trends.

Increased Profits

ISOCentral transforms the sales cycle with its speed and efficiency. A faster sales cycle reduces operational expenses, offers more time for meeting with more merchants, and generates increased profits.


ISOCentral is an Android-based app that streamlines the process of signing merchant accounts to as little as 2 hours. ISOCentral is fully integrated with processors and sponsor banks for immediate results. All you need to bring to your sales calls is your phone or tablet installed with ISOCentral; never haul around stacks of papers again.

The merchant service process is fast and easy on ISOCentral: simply enter the merchant information into the ISOCentral program while you are closing, submit the application online for immediate processing, and you're done. With ISOCentral, you receive automatic, real-time account status information, and you can manage and track the application while it processes. You can communicate directly with the underwriters through the ISOCentral Notification System so you will know immediately if you need to correct information, add missing information, or submit additional documents or requested papers. You can also update merchant information easily. Receive approval and MID and TID in as little as two hours from application submission, and your merchant can start accepting payment transactions same day!

This app will completely change the way you sign accounts and reduce any superfluous travel and waiting to an absolute minimum. Sign more merchants in less time. See the features below.

  Private Label

ISOs and agents who want to sell solutions that are branded with their own corporate identity but do not want the hassle of developing and managing those solutions can take advantage of ISOCentral's private labeling option. Give yourself a competitive and unique merchant product offering with minimal effort. Brand ISOCentral with your name, colors and graphics for a professional, polished look. Once reserved for only the biggest ISOs, private labeling is now available for you, and you can utilize this proven marketing strategy as well!


The ISOCentral Dashboard displays a comprehensive summary of your entire portfolio of merchant accounts. Here, you can view live graphs of your account summary and processing data for quick reference of your overall clientele status. The Dashboard also shows you your accounts to watch, your top accounts, and your bottom accounts.

  Submit Applications

You can quickly and easily sign a merchant account and submit instantly with or without Internet access. You can start a new application, edit saved or submitted applications, delete, and, most importantly, submit applications. Delays due to incorrect or missing information are eliminated because ISOCentral will send you push notifications instantly once any application problem is detected.

Once the application is ready, you can submit it immediately over Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can even take pictures of any necessary documents and submit with the application! It then goes directly to the underwiter, and you can monitor the application status live. ISOCentral will alert you once an application is approved and send you the MID and TID. You can then reprogram the terminal and let your merchant begin processing straightaway. This entire process, from meeting with the merchant to setting up the merchant's terminal, can occur in as little as two hours.

  Real-Time Notifications

The Notifications feature displays all merchant account activity as well as account notations in real time. Each notification is ordered by most recent and shows you the merchant name, account ID, date and time of event, case ID, and the notice information. You can then reply to the notice or view all notices with that particular account. Account notifications include events such as merchant requests, merchant calls to customer or tech support, changes in merchant rates or fees, shipment information to merchant, and more.

  Account Management

Access your entire portfolio of merchant accounts organized by type: recent accounts, new accounts, pending accounts, approved accounts, pending cancellations, declined accounts, and cancelled accounts. Account management gives you a one-touch communication solution directly to your merchant and ISO office via phone, email, or chat for lightning fast account support.

  Web Portal

With the ISOCentral Web Portal, you can view and assess the big picture. On the Web Portal, you can access all the same features and account data on the app but with more detailed information. Here, you can better access your accounts, deep dive into your stats, track progress, and more. Review and edit any of your past ISOCentral app activity. You can also read more industry news and updates.

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